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Selling Your PCGS Coins is Secure, Fast and Friendly

Nationally recognized numismatists doing business for 30 years

When you need to sell your PCGS Coins and NGC coins  trust Markham Numismatics a nationally recognized numismatist.Shipping is safe and secure using registered mail for your protection. Receive a check within 24 hours of receiving your pcgs coins or NGC coins.

For over 30 years we have maintained the highest rating possible by the BBB. Please review our A+ BBB rating by viewing our BBB link and see for yourself. We have purchased and sold pcgs coins and NGC coins from thousands of collectors like yourself delivering the very best in customer satisfaction.

Sell us your PCGS coin collection today, we buy dimes, quarter,half's and morgan dollars and peace dollars ,  buffalo nickels, Lincoln pennies. We also buy all  gold coins from $1 gold coins to $20 liberty gold coins. Mail to us using registered mail. This is the safest and most secure way to receive your coins or other items. There could not be an easier way to sell your coins for cash!


Receive Cash in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Request your mail in confirmation #
  2. Mail us your coins
  3. We send you a check within 24 hours

Need a PCGS Coin Buyer?

Markham numismatics is a BBB A+ Rated PCGS coin buyer we also provide expert coin appraisals . with 30 years knowledge. As past grader for PCGS we have unsurpassed experience, which helps us find the treasures in your collection that's other won't find.

When it's time to liquidate your PCGS coins or NGC coins, we are the smart place to come to, because we are numismatist with 30 years of coin buying and selling of PCGS and NGC coins.

We can purchase your coins instantly! No waiting If you're out of our area many of our customers find mailing there coins to us easy and quick as we can overnight you a check or bank wire the same day in many cases. We make selling your coins a worry free experience. We also buy ungraded coins as 95% of old coins don't require the cost of professional grading. So those old silver dollars, all U.S. gold coins, all coin collection can be bought .

Don't take your coins to the gold buying stores! Many are staffed with people with no knowledge of coins or gold for that matter. There last job might have been at Mc Donald's. lol That's like taking your vintage car to the scrap yard to sell it, and you wouldn't do that right ? Lol

Please call us for an appointment so we can turn those coins into CASH! You will soon find out why we have thousands of happy customers. 951-686-2122 1-800-953-3027


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