Coin Collecting a Dying Hobby Palm Desert ,ca

Coin Collecting is literally a dying hobby.. younger people don’t want to collect coins.  and we are losing our collectors who are getting too old to collect and are dying. Most hires are interested in the money… so collector coins are losing there premiums . we are seeing st. gaudens gold coins trade for a few dollars over there gold value!!  over the last 5 years many pcgs and ngc coins have seen there values cut in half .!!  we have a strong sell on rare coins which includes pcgs graded coins and ngc graded coins .. prices keep going down and premiums keep disappearing ..  current gold and silver prices have made Now ! a great time to sell! please call us so we can discuss your holdings and help liqauate your coin collection .  please visit our contact page where you can email us questions. this is the best way to contact us .

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