PCGS Coins & NGC Coins could see demand Drop next year !

Coin Collecting is a Dying Hobby !

We are seeing more and more old time collectors passing away.

Which bring more and more coins onto the market .  PCGS and NGC  have had the grading market to themselves for a long time.  gradeflation is a problem .   well there is a new Sheriff in town ..  and this sheriff has the power to shake things up!!!  if the market likes this new grading service it will make demand for PCGS and NGC graded coins go down.     time will tell what happens .  we are recommending our clients set up an evaluation appointment to assess the quality of there higher graded Rarer coins .   


We are not seeing younger people collecting coins. This is a disheartening trend .  Covid sounds like it’s coming back, which can slow the economy and make the recession worse, that is stated to be on the horizon.!

That is why we are recommending that people liquidate higher value PCGS Coin and NGC coins and coin collections , gold ,silver. 

Please see our website for more information on our appraisal and liquidation services .  We serving all of southern California .  

In Home Appointment Available 



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