First strike Fallacy! think before you buy first strike coins

First strike coins  a true fallacy if you think about it! 
 over the last 10 years or more.  we have  seen more and more modern coins in pcgs or ngc holders with the statement first strike or first day of issue! first release .   we are lead to believe that these  coins have mystical value which far exceed normal coins. what a joke lol   let’s examine that line of thinking.   modern coins are mass produced using very advanced technology  in mint production standards.    every coin struck goes through a computer scanning for flaws and a person scans all coins before they are ready for packaging.  so the first coin looks like the last coin.   so first strike is meaningless!!  why not the 9999 strike or your birth day 3-11-66 so 31,166   wouldn’t that hold more meaning to you!  or the last coin struck?   or the first coin from each die stuck?  there are hundreds of dies used to produce a run of coins.  so why not that? ..    modern coins are all the same .   we all have heard of the term a sucker is born everyday  and everyday people are paying silly premiums for first strike etc coins.   do yourself a favor and stop buying these coins.   you will thank me in the years to come. I also beleave you should only buy pre 1964 coins. as that is where the true collector coins are. these have been my opinion on a modern marking tool to enrich  telemarketers and dealers.

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