Over Graded PCGS Coins and NGC Coins are becoming widespread problem!!

We are seeing more and more over graded coins when we appraise coin collections or purchase coins .. we are seeing prices retract on coins , I feel some of this can be attributed to many over graded coins in the investors and un savvy coin collectors hands… I’m alarmed at how often when I’m shown a better coin in higher grade which commands a premium , that I’m disappointed  in the quality of the coin and the lack of eye appeal … this tread seems to be happening more and more .. so i’m urging people if you have over $25,000.00 in rare coins graded by pcgs or ngc we need to evaluate your holding to make sure you are holding high quality coins with the proper grade and eye apparel to be salable in the future.  please contact us to discuss your holdings .  please visit our website where you can email us questions and or photos and we can start our communications , and set an appointment if required .

we have offices in Riverside ,ca -Diamond Bar, ca – Palm Springs ,ca – Palm Desert ,ca

1-800 -953-3027

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