PCGS & NGC Coins Not safe in safe deposit box ! Access Denied ! Rancho Cucamonga,ca

I have had three  clients this week  goto their banks to get valuables from their safe deposit box  to find there bank closed and access is by appointment Only.  one client had to wait a week to get into the bank .. I also just had a client goto his bank to have a bank wire done to find out his bank was closed !    Maybe keeping valuables in a safe despot box is not a smart idea?  as it seems during an emergency you will not be able to access your valuables …  we are recommending  selling a portion of those PCGS Coins And NGC Coins to have accessible cash or money in a bank account.  so if hard times hit us fast . you are ok.    gold coins and silver coins are at a high currently os taking a little profit off the table , just might be the right move for you. we are a BBB Accredited PCGS coinAppraiser and as past grader for PCGS we have unsurpassed knowledge of coin grading and coin values .  if your holding coins valued over $100,000 we strongly recommend that we evaluate your holdings as many coins have a high risk to gradeflation , and low collector demand.   holding the right coins is the best way to position yourself to make a profit.   we have been in business for 35 years and our coin savvy can help you navigate the mine field of coin companies and coin advertisments that aim to take your money !  please visit our website for more information .   you can email us questions and can set an appointment .   we have office in Riverside ,ca  – Palm Desert,ca -Diamond Bar,ca -Rancho Bernardo,ca      to provide the best service to our clients we are by appointment . 

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