Coin Expert State as much as 50% of PCGS and NGC graded coins are OVER GRADED!!! La Quinta,ca

Investing in PCGS & NGC graded coins sounds like a good idea .. but only a very small fraction of graded coins go up in value ?

Most coins that investors and collectors own are very common and there is an over supply of coins in the market place .   over the last 5 years we have seen better date carson city silver dollars just keep inching down in price.  Even collections that where bought over 20 years ago are coming in and the prices paid are still more than current levels ..I would say  less than 10 % of people make a profit on the rare coins they have bought.  Therefor its with a heavy heart that I say its time to sell those coins !  graded by PCGS and NGC .. we also see old time collectors dying or getting too old to collect.. which is shrinking the pool of collectors who wish to purchase coins..  for all these factors and other undiscussed . It is our opinion keeping coins has long term downside, and very little chance of increasing in value.  please contact us to discuss your coin holdings.    please emails us via our website which is a efficient way for us to start a conversation. you can ask questions and if warranted we can set an appointment.   we have office in Riverside ,ca – Diamond Bar ,ca – Palm Springs ,ca – Palm Desert,ca and Rancho Bernardo ,ca

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