Do you have coins in these old PCGS holders?

First generation holders like these can carry a premium..we have collectors looking for coins in these holders…make an appointment for use to pay you a premium for your pcgs coins today….
Do you have coins in these old PCGS holders?    We have collectors who want these coins..please bring these coins in for up to 100% premiums….
Do you have coins with colorful toning ?  We have collectors looking for colorful toned coins..
please remember you can mail your coins to us, to sell, via registered mail. It’s Safe and insured ,upon receipt of your coins we will call you with an offer and can wire or overnight you a check….a quick and easy way to liquidate your coins…

To learn more visit Markham Numismatics the most trusted and reliable coin dealer for all your pcgs coins, silver eagles, foreign coins and more.

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