update we have a sell recommendation on $20 gold coins pcgs and ngc graded!!!! rare coin market falling

over the last 10 years $20 gold coins in ms-64 -67    have decreased in value.   over grading or loose grading is a softer way of putting it, has resulted in a $5 indian in ms-65   going from $20,000.00  to $9000.00   why because pcgs and ngc  have relaxed the standards of what a ms-65 is.  a real ms -65 $5 indian is still a very rare coin..  but a lot of coins in pcgs and ngc holders are very low end for the grade they are marked. and some are a grade or even two lower if one uses tight grading standards.   price will follow the quality that the grading companies  put in a holder..   for instance  why is there very little difference in a ms-64 st guadens and a ms-60   because there is very little diffence in the quality of coin in a ms-64 holder.   gradeflation is a big problem  and will make most common coin values continue to decrease .  for this reason we recommend selling u.s. gold coins in pcgs or ngc holders.  please call for an appointment so we can evaluate your holdings.   1-800-953-3027

we have been in business for over 30 years  as past grader for PCGS we have unsurpassed knowledge of rare coin prices and rare coin values .

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