Rare Coin Market update Febuary 17 ,2015 falling market is upon us!!!!

the rare coin market is contracting and common coins from morgan dollars to gold coins are dropping says a coin dealer  palm springs ,ca 

 the drunken party for coins is over!!  what goes up , DOES COME DOWN!!   lol     common coins and even rare coins which are over graded or un attractive are just not being bought anymore.  just because a coin is in an NGC or PCGS holder doesn’t mean its a nice coin which is accurately graded and would interest the savvy coin collector !!    rare coins grading is a very subjective endeavor  each coins attributes  make or breaks a coin.   the unattractive and over graded coins will and are putting downward pressure on the rare coin market.  we are recommending selling  a portion of your rare coin holding and locking in a profit ..please call for an appointment so we can evaluate your coins.    call us at 1-800-953-3027     we have been in business for over 30 years , as past grader for PCGS our experience and knowledge are unsurpassed!  when you need to sell pcgs coins or NGC coins we are the smart place to sell. we also can expertly appraiser your coins. appraisals start at $100  please call for more information.. we have customers who drive 2 hours to come see us.   we serve all of southern california .
To learn more visit Markham Numismatics the most trusted and reliable coin dealer for all your pcgs coins, silver eagles, foreign coins and more.

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