PCGS Coins and NGC Coins Prices are Dropping like a Rock!!!! Corona,ca

Markham Numismatics has been in business for over 30 years . as a past grader for PCGS i have unsurpassed knowledge of  coin Grading and Coin Values .   the Hobby of coin collecting has become dying !! due to the old tie collectors of coins getting too old to collect and just passing away..  the younger people just don’t want  old coins .. iPhones and Facebook chats and social media is what younger people do with there free time.  collecting old coins is not on there list of fun things to do?LOL   Due to this we are seeing a steady decrease in prices on PCGS Graded coins and NGC Graded coins.  after 30 years of grading coins we now have proof that coins are not rare.. most of the coins sold as rare coins . are really very common and 100,000 of coins have been graded ..   so we have a STRONG SELL RECOMMENDATION ON COIN COLLECTIONS .

common date $20 Liberty gold coins

common date $20 saint gardens gold coins

buffalo nickel

mercury dimes

morgan dollars

peace dollars

and many others plea contact use so we ca discuss your holdings .

we have offices throughout southern california to serve you and we  an make house calls to evaluate larger collections

website www.coinspcgs.com



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