PCGS Gold Coins see premiums erased Markham Numismatics

Markham Numismatics

Over the last several years we have seen $20 saint gardens gold coins graded Ms-61 to ms 65 have had there premiums erased to close to the Gold melt value.  years of over grading gold coins has been the embarrassment of the coin industry .  prices always find the correct prices. so NGC graded and PCGS graded $20 liberty and $20 saint guadens  in grades ms -61 -65 have little to no premium over melt values.   This is also taking place with $10 liberty gold and $5 gold coins .  we have aa strong sell on common gold coins as this tread seem here to stay . we are recommending ultra rare and high grade gold coins only as these seem to have the best change of seeing an increase in prices .  … please call us to discuss your gold coins holdings .  to best serve our customers we are by Appointment Only.    please visit our website  for more information and to email us questions and set up an appointment .

https://www.coinspcgs.com/   we have offices in Riverside ,ca – Palm Springs ,ca -Diamond bar ,ca   1-800-953-3027

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