PCGS Coins and NGC Coins Coin Market sees Prices Drop up 80% over the last 15 years !!

Many PCGS graded coins and NGC graded coins have seen there prices decrease over 50 % and even more in some cases… over the last 15 yeses .How can this be you might ask ?  Rare Coins are Rare?…. well come to find out the vast majority of what we thought where rare coins are NOT RARE!    Much of the decrease can be attributed to Coin collectors getting old and stopping there collections  and they are also dying .. the heirs  are not continuing the collections as the just want the money ..   we also have the increasing numbers of coins in the market place . with each passing year we add hundreds of thousands of new coins that need to be purchased . this decrease the value of the existing  coins.. over the last 30 plus years the grading services have produces Billions  of dollars in Coin values … the new generation is more into bitcoin than physical collectables .  this tread shows no sighs of stopping..   we are finding that even our customers who bought coins over 20 years ago.  that 9 out of 10 people and losing money on there coin investments.!! some have lose  up to 70% .    now, yes the super rare coins which is less than 1% of the coin market have done well. but this is the lottery ticket of coin collectors ..   We Strongly  encourage our clients to have us evaluate your Rare Coins Graded by PCGS And NGC . and we can give you options based on treads and future risk to loss.. as past grader for PCGS we have unsurpassed knowledge of coin grading and coin values ..

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