Top Coin Experts say up to 65% of PCGS and NGC graded coins are OVER Graded !!

In talking to top coin experts we are hearing a alarming similar Response..  coins that are coming up for auction  are mostly over graded coins !! these coins have staines ,unattractive dark toning or are just grossly over graded ! this is the major factor contributing to lower prices in the market place.. as coins sell in auction and the auction prices fall.. so goes the market prices for coins.   coin grading is not an exact science and even a if you say there is a 2% error rate and you have that rate for 30 years plus of coin grading you end up with a lot of over graded coins.  and unfortunately the grading services don’t actively seek and take over graded coins off the market ..   another contributing factor has been that telemarketer and other retail firms have in some cases used the uneducated clients as a dumping ground for these inferior  quality coins.  we strongly encourage anyone who have invested over $50,000 in rare coins graded by PCGS or NGC,  to contact us so we can evaluate your holdings and give you sound options for going forward.   we have been in business for 35 years and started at the age 0f 20 working for david hall when he founded PCGS .. and grading at PCGS pastime from time to time.   so i have seen the transformations of  the coin business before grading and the coin business after PCGS and NGC grading  .. as with most innovation there are unforeseen consequences.   so now we have to deal with 30 plus years of graded coins  “oops graded coins “.      lets not point fingers or come up with should have’s..      we have office in Riverside ,ca – Palm Springs ,ca , Diamond Bar,ca   1-800-953-3027  we also make in home or office appointments to handle larger coin collections.   for our out state clients we offer easy registered mail to get your coins to us and we will call you the day your coins arrive..

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